Our patented BlastWrap® material has been designed to mitigate blasts and suppress flash fires resulting from explosions, regardless of the material or compound causing the explosion. We believe that this technology can be used to create new finished products or designed to retrofit existing products.

Mitigation or attenuation of blast effects is the dissipation of blast energy so that acoustic and shock waves, peak overpressure, reflected peak overpressure, impulse and afterburn (the rapid burning of combustible materials in the “hot zone”, including soot, occurring so fast that it adds to blast effect from the original explosive) are reduced. This reduction is accomplished through both physical and chemical processes that are triggered when a blast occurs. The remaining energy is transmitted at a slower, more sustainable level. The amount of reflected energy is significantly reduced with mitigation. Unlike hardening systems, the performance of our products is not related directly to material thickness and therefore we believe our products have a greater range of uses producing the same or better effectiveness against blast effects.

Our BlastGard® technology is designed to mitigate blast and rapid combustion phenomena through numerous mechanisms. The relative contribution of each mechanism depends upon the intensity and nature of the impinging hazard. Shock wave attenuation, for example, is dominant in mitigating mechanical explosions. Our products attempt to emulate unconfined conditions and accelerate attenuating processes that occur in free air. Thus BlastWrap® does not try to resist blasts (which physically intensify blast phenomena); it mitigates them. BlastWrap® can be used as part of confining assemblies (containers and blast walls). In effect, BlastWrap® is a ‘virtual vent’.

Our BlastWrap® products are made from two flexible films arranged one over the other and joined by a plurality of seams filled with attenuating filler material (volcanic glass bead or other suitable two-phase materials), configurable (designed for each application) with an extinguishing coating. Together, this combination of materials is designed to mitigate a blast while at the same time eliminate fireballs or flame fronts produced by the blast.

Blastwrap® works 24-hours a day, quenches fireballs and post blast fires, reduces blast impulse and pressure, does not dispense chemical extinguishants, uses neither alarms, sensors, nor an activation system, and is nontoxic and ecologically friendly