Industry Applications

  1. In aircraft dry bays, cargo holds, and containers.BlastWrap® technology offers the only practical means of protecting commercial aircraft against internal detonation of solid explosive charges without requiring specially hardened luggage containers. BlastWrap®, for example, can be used as cargo compartment linings and partitions.BlastWrap®'s weight and dimensions are well within the allowable margins for these aircraft. Use of BlastWrap® linings in air cargo containers enhances protection capabilities, and BlastWrap® is unique in being suitable for retrofit in existing containers.
  2. As walls to protect buildings against vehicle bombs
  3. Aboard naval vessels and merchant ships to minimize damage from breaching blasts emanating from mines, cruise missiles, and torpedoes
  4. To surround fuel tanks for suppressing fireballs' and explosions
  5. As dividers to suppress fireballs and fuel mist explosions from accidents aboard both aircraft and ships, in process facilities, and on offshore platforms to suppress fireballs and explosions
  6. As separators and partitions in explosives manufacturing and handling facilities, such as a load/assembly/pack (LAP) depots, fireworks plants, and propellant manufacturing sites
  7. As pallets and buffers between stacks of palletized munitions and ordnance
  8. To line portable and fixed magazinesTo make missile launch boxes for military vehicles and naval vessels
  9. To make cabinets and containers for handling fuses, small rockets, and explosive devices
  10. To build and maintain reputation as industry leader and reputable supplier
  11. To expand market size and share, exploiting past sales, contacts, and technology innovations to maximum advantage.

BlastWrap® products protect against outdoor/unconfined explosions. Because of the Montreal protocol's ban of Halon extinguishing agents, BlastWrap® is the only blast and fire suppression means available for most applications, including adaptation for underwater use. It is an inherently effective sound absorber and thermal insulator.BlastWrap® works indoors or out, vented or unvented, wet or dry, clean or dirty, damaged or intact, and against strong or weak blasts from solid explosives or flammable fluids. It is a lightweight, space-efficient custom-engineered product for insulation, fragment/ballistic protection, environmental protection or impact and cushioning barriers. Significantly, no new or high-cost fabrication technologies or materials are required to produce BlastWrap® products. 

New Market Sectors

Blast effect-mitigation for hydrocarbon and process industriesQuick-erect blast protection barriers and revetmentsFireball and explosion-suppressing fuel tank jackets (for natural and compressed natural gas, propane, and other "green fuel" vehicle systems)Demilitarization protection productsBlast effect mitigation materials for existing structures' & facilities (magazines, explosive's storage units, warships, propellant plants, etc.)Blast protection shields, armors, and structures with "stealth" ("low-observable") camouflage propertiesBlast/fire protection linings for commercial and military aircraft and air cargo containersBlast and ballistic-protected modular buildings (barracks, control and accommodations for offshore facilities, field stations, tactical shelters and command facilities, monitoring stations for law enforcement)Underwater blast isolation units for offshore facility abandonments, coastal construction, and naval vessels.

Replacement of Existing Technologies

Composite structures (non blast), such as topsides for offshore facilities, FPSOs, neutral buoyancy jackets for deepwater drilling risers, and sub-sea manifold protectionComposite blast/fire protection structures and materials (blast walls, blast mitigation billboards, relief vents, reinforcement of masonry buildings) for hydrocarbon, process, mining, missile launch, and manufacturing facilities, and for building demolitionsExplosive's storage and shipping containers, portable magazines, and explosive disposal kitsMine blast protection kits for vehiclesSafety shields and specialty protection for entertainment industry location sets (Hollywood sound stages, vehicles, on-location structures)Personnel and vehicle protective armorMine (coal, mineral extraction and processing) safety